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Haresh and I just returned from our most recent overseas factory tour and am compelled to highlight one of our favourite production partners and show you the amazing new set-up that is partially operational and will be fully operational next month (June ’16).

Sathya has been in the apparel production business for almost the same amount of time as Bruzer (over 24 years).  He moved out of his well-used Indian factory to a new state of the art cut, sew, and embroidery facility 2 years ago.  This factory is practically off the grid.  His main power source is, you guessed it – The SUN!  The solar panels operate all the sewing/cutting machines, compressors, and even the steam irons.  It is an impressive factory.


Sathya not only provides an unbelievable working environment for his employees, he provides education and health care funding for his staff and their children.  In addition, he offers housing to his most senior staff members in appreciation for their years of service.

Sathya keeps on improving and has invested lots of money on a new fabric printing and dying facility.   I have visited many factories in North America and I have never seen anything to compare to this:


12 colour State of the art fabric printer:


State of the art colour kitchen – this machine creates the recipe required to match exact pantone colours:


Here is a shot of the new building soon to be housing the installed washing/drying machines.  Note the grooves in the floor that will run the plumbing towards the environmentally friendly water purification equipment.  All water is cleaned and 100% recycled – leaving zero impact on the environment.


Proud owner and project architect, Sathya who enthusiastically explained how this compact machine will revolutionize the dying process:


I remember the days of visiting dye houses here in Toronto – back, when we actually had more than 1 dye house in the entire province.  These machines were huge, energy suckers, took up large amounts of space and did their part to pollute our local waters.  This state of the art machine is incredible – and will dye 10,000 M of fabric per day – and all the water involved in this process is cleaned and recycled.

Sathya has other big plans in mind as he continues to be a builder and contributor in his surrounding community.  We are proud to be working with Sathya and his team over the past 6 years!

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  • kravetz

    where is my sweater!!

  • Deirdre

    Impressive Jim to see that Bruzer is continuing to give back and now can include responsible production on its list of accomplishments. FYI Josh STILL has his Bruzer polar fleece jacket he got from Chuisy 15 yrs ago – now that’s quality!!! #bruzerrocks